Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to LOSE those KGS that are weighing you down!

Are you tired and lacking energy?

program will be tailored specifically for you that will help you to lose weight, PLUS lose Visceral Fat and gain lean muscle.

Our program will help you to

  • lose fat
  • lose visceral fat
  • gain lean muscle
  • increase your energy
  • sleep well
Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program

We make sure we address all the factors that will affect your weight loss that either make it easy or difficult for you.

Factors that can affect your weight loss are

  • gut health,
  • hormone imbalances,
  • stress levels,
  • food intolerances and
  • toxin levels.

Each of these factors will be assessed separately and addressed as required. We utilise our bio-resonance testing device which can ascertain alot of information about your bodies health in minutes.

Your Gut Health is extremely important in achieving your results. If your gut is out of balance this creates inflammation in your entire body which will make it more difficult to lose weight.

Hormone imbalances will affect your ability to lose weight – If your hormones are out of balance (which will be established via testing) this needs to be addressed as this could slow down your progress towards your desired weight loss goals.

Stress hormones levels – such as Cortisol will affect your success- we help reduce your stress hormones – as if your stress hormone levels are high this will actually cause you to gain weight! So if this is not addressed your weight loss goals may be very difficult to achieve.

Toxins within your body will also affect your results – if you have toxins your body actually protects you from these by wrapping those toxins in fat. So we will assist your body in gently releasing these toxins.

Your WEIGHT LOSS program will be tailored to your needs to ensure you are eating the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein in your diet. An easy to follow meal plan is established to make your journey easy.

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