I am a childcare educator and started Kathryn’s Mindset program in November 2020.

Before coaching with Kathryn, I constantly felt stressed out, dwelled on the small stuff and felt unmotivated.

During the coaching with Kathryn, I discovered so much about myself and learnt to love myself in the process. 

I am now more motivated and have such a positive outlook on life. 

If you want to feel more positive, motivated and calmer I definitely recommend you book in for the transformation mindset coaching with Kathryn. She is amazing.


I love Kathryn’s holistic approach to wellbeing & her endless knowledge of various healing and mindset techniques – they really work!! 

Kathryn has not only helped me to feel healthier through natural remedies, she has also been there to provide me with support when needed. 

I highly recommend Kathryn’s services to anyone seeking a natural alternative to optimise their body, mind and spirit! 

Thank you so much Kathryn!!


Totally recommend Kathryn Beacroft

IF it wasn’t for going to see her 3 years ago I would have been very chronically ill now!

She’s helped change my life in many ways! Thankyou Kathryn ❤️🙏🏼


WOW!!! I can’t speak highly enough of Kathryn and her knowledge of health and wellbeing.

I am So glad I took the step to get checked out as there’s so many new things I can implement and change for myself and my family

Thankyou Kathryn