The 10 Most effective ways to Reduce STRESS

by in Mindset 09/01/2021

stress out


Too Much Stress can have a negative effect on you in so many ways.


Some of the physical symptoms of stress are

  • Poor sleep e.g., Inability to fall and stay asleep
  • Headaches
  • Sudden Weight gain or loss for now apparent reason
  • Feeling constantly angry
  • You have lost interest is activities
  • Use of alcohol and or drugs to calm you down
  • Poor concentration
  • Loss of appetite

You may be saying things in your mind such as

“I am so stressed out.”

“I feel stressed.”

“You stress me out.”

If you are saying these types of things to your elf on a regular basis

It is clearly time to start applying calming stress reducing techniques to your life to start relieving your stress and relaxing your mind.

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

When you are feeling constantly stressed you may need to see a professional such as a counsellor or a mindset coach. You may find that applying some of these ideas below will really start to help as well.

1. Work – Life Balance

To help alleviate stress, you may need to evaluate if you are giving yourself any down time from work – time to just relax and maybe do something fun. You may like to schedule this into your work diary as an appointment for you that is incredibly important. You will find you will be even more effective at work if you do this.

2. Exercising daily

Exercise is necessary for our bodies to function well. Exercise helps to relax your nervous system and release stress hormones and at the same time increasing you feel good endorphins which are produced when you exercise.

3. Reducing Alcohol and Stimulants

Alcohol, and stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine may temporarily may you feel better however, they can have a negative long-term effect. They can deplete your adrenal glands which can lead to ongoing feelings on exhaustion.

If you fuel your body with optimal nutrition such as healthy green juices and salads your body with have more natural energy from nutritious food rather than relying on stimulants.

4. Having a SUPORTIVE Friend group

Call up a friend for a chat or join a social group where you can meet people – we all need connection. Talking with someone we like and relate to releases calming hormones in our body.

5. Taking up a HOBBY

What brings you joy – so much so that you feel as if the time fly’s when you are doing this activity? What do you like doing for relaxation gardening, reading, listening to music, painting, bush walking what do you really like to do – make sure you factor in time every week for something you love doing.

6.  Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction

There are many Guided Meditations for stress reduction available on the internet. This is a wonderful way to relax your nervous system. You can listen for 5 – 10 minutes morning and or at night time to start calming your nervous system down.


7. Getting Good QUALITY SLEEP

If you are not getting adequate deep sleep every night your body will not rest and recover at night and you will be less able to tolerate stress.

8. Buying or Adopting a PET

Studies have shown that spending some time with a companion animal can cut anxiety levels almost in half.

Buy a pet

9. Taking a Holiday

Take a break from your work at least once a year – and really take a break – by not checking emails and phone messages for days whilst your away. A holiday can really reset your stress levels by improving emotional wellbeing.

10. Seeking Professional Support from a Counsellor, or Mindset Coach

If you can’t make any positive changes to support yourself and it all feels too overwhelming, please seek professional. Make an appointment today—you are worth it!